Beliefs & Philosophy

Beliefs & Philosophy

Please tell us how you got involved in fitness. 

Mohd Faris: I was a skinny boy during my school days. At the age of 13 years old, I started to pick up weights and fitness training. At that young age, I was impressed at the drastic transformation of my body from the effects of working out and keeping fit. However, the results that I have gotten was mainly from trial-and-error. I became determined to broaden my knowledge more about the human body and signed up for my first personal trainer course at the age of 18. I always have the desire and passion to help people and have never looked back since having delivered results after results for my clients for the past 20 years. I still believe in the importance of upgrading my knowledge through various certification courses so as to equip myself with more sets of fitness tools to help my clients. Having gone through the achievements & experiences of taking part in pageants and bodybuilding contests, I am able to translate my knowledge in fitness and nutrition to help others achieve their goals in a more realistic and healthy way.

What’s the best thing about being a Fitness Professional?

Mohd Faris: When my clients achieve their fitness goals and regain their confidence in themselves, it really makes me feel good! To see their transformation from shy, insecure individuals to persons brimming with confidence and having strong, beautiful bodies is indeed a wonderful accomplishment. And I’m glad that I am part of the entire process.

What’s the worst thing then about being a Fitness Professional?

Mohd Faris: The worst thing is sometimes seeing other personal trainers who tend to over-promise but under-deliver on their services. Some of these trainers are poorly-qualified, as can be seen when they misuse the gym equipment during their training sessions with their clients. Doing so can lead to disastrous long-term injuries when done incorrectly. Whenever I come across such sights, I do become very worried about their own safety and the safety of their clients as well.


Can you tell us more about your fitness philosophy?

Mohd Faris: Whenever I am requested by my clients to help them lose weight fast, I will always first stop and educate them about the dangers of fast weight loss. Our body can only metabolize a certain amount of fat in a day, and if you are losing more weight than that limit, you are more likely losing some muscle as well – which is only going to hinder your fat loss. The other downside to losing weight too fast is that the dieter tends to regain the weight lost very quickly at some point down the road.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Mohd Faris: I see myself as an accomplished trainer providing personal training services to schools and corporate institutions. Singapore has such an urban and stressful lifestyle – going to the gym to relieve stress is the best way to beat the blues and pump positive endorphins into the brain! I hope to grow my business and provide the best possible services in fitness training!

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